• 322 participants, from 11 different countries, representing 187 entities 
  • 12 different Workshops on Aeronautics, Space and Defence 
  • 5 lectures, 3 panel debates, 27 Pitches and 80 B2B meetings
  • 16 visits to portuguese industry and research players
  • 41 internationally noted conference Speakers


Clustering Aeronautics, Space and Defence

Challenges and Opportunities 

B2B and Networking

AED DAYS 2017, promoted by the Portuguese Cluster of the Aeronautics, Space and Defence Industries, took place in Taguspark (Oeiras, Lisbon) on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October 2017. It gather 260 participants from several countries, from different industrial areas and representing many Clusters, Research and Development Centres. The feedback has been great. All of the attendees had the chance to know and meet the Portuguese Aeronautics, Space and Defence communities, and also to update information on European funding programmes, debate the upcoming challenges, contact with the main national and international players, develop new business opportunities and improve participation in collaboration networks/partnerships, namely through the matchmaking event that was organised by Enterprise Europe Network.

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AEDDAYS 2017 - Resume

18th October

WORKSHOPS - Aeronautics, Space, Defence

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Arround 200 attendees were at the Auditorium to debate the activity of the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sectors.
Our 18 speakers talked about their perspectives of the present and future challenges.


27 Participants made a 5 minutes pitch to present their cooperation initiatives, company portfolios, product development and concepts.

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B2B MEETINGS - Matchmaking Event

Organised by the Enterprise Europe Network Portugal / CEC - Conselho Empresarial do Centro, this bilateral business meetings were attended by 57 participants. In total, we had 80 meetings (27 of them international).

19th October


- Click here to see (and download) presentations -

A full day conference brought together some of the key ASD stakeholders in Europe.
26 Speakers
participated on this day for an audience of almost 250 attendees.

OFFICIAL DINNER - Infante Project Ceremony

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114 participants enjoyed our official dinner and witnessed the signing ceremony of the INFANTE Project.

20th October

INDUSTRY VISITS to Aerospace Portuguese Players

59 Participants chose between four different trips and got acquainted with the main industrial players in Portugal.
The four trips available were divided by aerospace themes:

Venue (Taguspark) 

How to get there?

By BUS Shuttle (free of charge).

From Lisbon Meeting Point (details below) to TAGUSPARK (Oeiras).

By TAXI. From Lisbon, approx. 20€.

MEETING POINT - Lisbon (18th-19th OCTOBER)

- Click on image for Google Maps -

Alameda Edgar Cardoso, Lisboa.
Parque Eduardo VII

Metro station: Marquês de Pombal

BUS Shuttle will arrive at 7:30 and wait for the participants.
BUS Shuttle leaves at 8:00 to Venue and returns from venue at 18:00.

For help call: +351 937 267 362



CEC – Câmara de Comércio e Indústria do Centro

AEDCP -  Portuguese Association of the Aeronautics, Space and Defence Industries



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